Choose one session to attend.

Session #1 Choices:

Session #2 Choices:

Algebra 1 - Slope as Motion! – Room 313

Can you walk a function?  Come see how we use a sonic motion detector to trace slopes on a graph.

Presented by Andrew Davis, Emily Gunderman, and Emily Kaffel

Geometry - Understanding Kaleidoscopes!! – Rm 311

Have you ever wondered what goes into creating a kaleidoscope or how it works?  In this lesson, we are going to use some of the same concepts to investigate shapes and some of their properties!

Presented by Nicole Brooks, Shmonica Cobb, and Lindsay Polarek

Algebra 2 - Parabola Possibilities – Room 303

Use the graphing calculator and work with your team to determine all of the ways you can change the graph of a parabola by changing its equation.  Also, learn other helpful graphing calculator features that enhance student learning.

Presented by Erin Carmichael, Do Hwang, and  Anne Munroe

PreCalculus - Arr You a Pirate?  Finding Functions Using View Tubes – Room 306

A student thinks he/she can learn better by looking through a tube which resembles a monocular.  Your job is to determine how much the student can see from any distance away from the SmartBoard!  Can we do this mathematically?  Let’s find out!

Presented by Vince Shamhart and Micah Ward

Choose one session to attend.


Bookmark Me!! – Room 308

Looking for ways to support your child?  Visit the CPM website for Parent Resources and Homework Help.  Forgot your textbook at school?  Log on to your e-book.  Need a graphing calculator and don’t have one?  Try these online options or Smart phone apps.  Click here to download the handout.

Presented by Heidi Bjerke and Matt Hopkins

NILSM, ACT-CCRS, and PARCC – Room 312

Did you bring your magic decoder ring?  Whether you have your ring or not, we will introduce you to the New Illinois Learning Standards.  We will discuss how these standards, the ACT and PARCC are aligned.

Presented by Leslie Knicl

Grade Level Questions

Have course specific questions?  Want to know more about the expectations of students in particular courses?  Come chat with their teachers.

            Freshmen - Algebra 1/Accelerated Geometry - Room 313

            Sophomores - Geometry/Accelerated Algebra 2 - Room 311

            Juniors/Seniors- All other math courses - Room 307